Recette: Non classé

The recipe for apricot jam. They must be juicy and medium size.

1.1 kg of apricots, either 1kgnet pitted.
800g sugar

(1) wash and drain apricots, dry them thoroughly using a clean cloth. Cut them in two and pit them, then cut each oreillon in two. Pour the sugar and 4O cl of water into a basin a jams, wear boil and let Cook until 114 ° C (at le petit boulé).
(2) when this temperature is reached, immerse apricots in syrup of sugar obtained. After the resumption of the boil, continue cooking over high heat for about 10 minutes, making sure to stir frequently and gently using "a skimmer so apricots do not attach to the bottom of the bowl."
(3) check the cooking: a bit of jam on a cold plate must be fixed quickly. Then remove the Pan from heat and carefully skim the apricot jam, and then blend one last time.
4) put in pots using the funnel and a ladle, cover and sterilize.

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