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The recipe for Strawberry Jam. You can use garriguettes, Charlotte or any other variety of strawberry. Quick to do with strawberries that are quick to prepare jam.


  •     -Sugar: 750 gr
  •     -Strawberry: 1000 gr


(1) in order to obtain a good Strawberry Jam you find ripe strawberries, more strawberries will be ripe best will be your jam.

(2) A colander using wash strawberries under running water and then drain them.
(3) remove the tails.
(4) put the strawberries in a pot to jam, add sugar and then mix well.
(5) this step is not mandatory: can macerate strawberries and sugar during a night (about 12 hours).
(6) cooking: wear the mixture Strawberry and sugar to a boil and maintain for 20 minutes, stirring regularly.
(7) after the 20 minutes of cooking, lower the heat a little and let the cold plate test to find out if your jam is cooked. (The test is to pour a drop into a cold dish if it freezes right away; it is cooked!)
(8) preparation of pots: Ideally you should boil the jars of jam and the lids and then let them dry before putting in pot.
(9) now that your jam is cooked you can put it into pot, pour the jam into the jar, close the pot and put it upside down. Wait until the jam is cold to deliver pots to the place.


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