Recette: Non classé

The Royal Mirabelle jam recipe. Prefer Mirabelle tell of "Nancy".

1.2 kg of plums (1 kg net pitted)
800g sugar

-clean towel
-small knife
-measuring cup
-Bowl jam
-small ladle

(1) wash and drain Mirabelle, then wipe them thoroughly, cut into
two and denoyautez›les.
(2) pour a quarter of the sugar in a bowl and cover it with a quarter of Mirabelle, then continue to spread the sugar and Mirabelle in successive layers, until there is more. Pour 40 cl of water on the whole so as to avoid that Mirabelle darkening, and let macerate at room temperature for 12 hours all: sugar must be completely dissolved. If this were not the case, let macerate the mixture longer.
(3) pour the plums and sugar melted in a Bowl a jams, wear a boil and allow to cook over high heat for 10 minutes, making sure to stir frequently and gently l "using a slotted spoon so that the plums do not attach.
(4) check 1 cooking a little jam on a cold plate must fall asleep quickly. Then remove the Pan from heat, skim carefully Mirabelle jam, and then blend one last time.
(5) then put in pots has l 'using' funnel and a ladle, cover and sterilize.

Let stand at temperature ambient surroundings 12 h.

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