Recette: Non classé

Time indications remain very random, as they are always dependent on the variety of the fruit used, its water and sugar content, its mode of cooking, (gas or electric, more or less powerful). The specified d time assessment may allow you to set optimal cooking time, knowing that any jam must be cooked quickly. Stay close to the furnace and be attentive to the evolution of the consistency of jams. Above all, do not cook too large quantity at once.

Verification of cooking

To assess the cooking or the density of jams, marmalades or jellies, should above all be careful. To check the doneness of the jams, we propose two methods. First method:

-put a saucer in the freezer before you start cooking the jam. When the cooking time indicated in the recipe is over, drop a drop of jam, jelly or Marmalade onto the cold saucer: sil it freezes immediately, it is cooked.

-Second method: dip one drop of the preparation in the glass of water iced. If a small compact ball occurs, immediately stop the cooking.

If these experiences are not crowned success, it is that your jam still contains too much water and that cooking should be extended.

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