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The recipe for Sherry currant jelly.

2kg of red currant
-750g sugar crystallized per kilo of juice obtained
-5cl of sherry

Preparation of fruit:
(1) wash the currants without stalk them.

(2) put currants in the basin to jam with 20cl of water.
(3) wear over high heat: as soon as boiling commences, gooseberries burst.
(3) pour through a sieve to jam over a large bowl.
(4) press slightly and let drain 2 hours.
(5) at the end of this time, weigh the juice obtained, pour it into the bssine and bring to a simmer.
(6) then add the sugar, bring on the heat, stirring well with a spatula to turn the dissolution.
(7) Liasser boil 20 to 25 min on high heat.
Immediately remove from heat, skim, incorporate the Sherry and stir well with a spatula.

(8) immediately implement pots scalded and dried.
(9) wait until the jelly is completely cooled to cover.
(10) boucher hermetically.


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