Recette: Non classé

The recipe for coconut jam. Keep the coconut milk and stir jam pandant cooking.

2kg of coconut either 1 kg net of pulp
1 kg sugar
-40cl of Apple Juice pure and natural

-measuring cup
-Bowl jam
-thermometer confectioner
-small ladle

(1) break the nuts coconut a l "using a hammer, taking care of recovering the coconut milk. Remove the meat from the nuts, mix it thoroughly and reserve.
(2) filter coconut milk and add water until you get 40 cl of liquid. Pour this mixture as well as the sugar in a Bowl at jams, bring to the boil and let Cook until ll4 ° C (the small ball), then add the meat the cocov and Apple juice to obtained sugar syrup. After the resumption of the boil, continue cooking on high heat fire for 8 minutes, in
taking care to mix gently and frequently has a skimmer using so
that the flesh of the coconut does not attach to the bottom of the bowl.
(3) check 3 cooking a little jam on a cold plate must fall asleep quickly. Then remove the Pan from heat and carefully skim the coconut jam, then mix it again one last time.
(4) put in pots ugly a funnel and a ladle, cover and sterilize.

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