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The recipes of lemons. It is necessary to use lemons untreated, particularly when using zest.

1.4 kg of lemons untreated, or 1 kg net of pulp
800g sugar

-clean towel
-small sharp knife
-Bowl jam
-small ladle


(1) wash the lemons and dry in a clean towel. With the help of a canneleur sample 200g of strips of lemon zest and set aside. Cut the two ends of the lemons and carefully Peel each fruit so that there is no trace of white skin. With a small knife sharp, and by operating over a bowl, separate the segments from the membranes and remove all seeds.
(2) get the maximum of lemon juice by pressing the membranes, and put it in a Bowl a jams. Add lemon segments, sugar, and 40 ml water, bring all to a boil and let Cook for 15 minutes, stirring frequently and carefully with a skimmer so lemons do not attach to the bottom of the bowl.
(3) Finally add the lemon zest and cook for further 5 to 6 minutes, until they are translucent.
(4) check the cooking: a bit of jam on a cold plate must be fixed quickly. Then remove the Pan from heat and carefully skim jam of lemons, then mix one last time.
5) put in pots using the funnel and a ladle, cover and sterilize.

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