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The original recipe for Jam melon with fresh almonds

Ingredients: For approximately 6 350g jars
-2kg of melons to good maturity
-500g of fresh almonds
-1 lemon
-1 vanilla pod
-10cl of rum

Preparation of fruit:
-Prepare the melons
-Weigh the flesh of melons and the same weight of sugar
-Put the dice of melon in a large bowl with the sugar, alternating layers
-Add lemon juice and cracked in two and well scraped vanilla bean
-Let marinate 12 hours, stirring from time to time

-Pour the contents of the bowl into a Bowl at jams and worn over medium heat
-Cook for 30-35 min foaming well, especially at the start
-Mix often by crushing the fruit with a press puree
-During cooking break almond
-Boil 1 minute, remove the skin that covers them and drain on a cloth
-Put the almonds in a bowl, add the rum, stir with a spatula and continue cooking 5 – minutes barely small broths

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