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The Royal apricot jam recipe. They should choose bergeron apricots or Rosé de Provence.

1.1 kg of apricots (bergeron or rosé of Provence), is 1 kg net pitted
800g sugar

-clean towel
-small knife
-Bowl jam
-muslin (or fine linen)
-small ladle


(1) wash and drain apricots, dry them carefully. Cut them in half, pit them (reserve half of the nuclei), then cut each oreillon in two.
(2) pour a quarter of sugar in a bowl, cover it up with a quarter of apricots, divide the sugar and apricots in successive layers. Let macerate at room temperature for 12 hours all: sugar must be completely dissolved.
(3) pour apricots and sugar melted in a bowl to jams and bring to boil the. With the help of a hammer crush the reserved apricot kernels. Remove almonds that are inside, dip them in hot water to peel them and wrap them in muslin, then dip them in a bowl. After boiling, leave on the heat for 15 minutes, stirring with the skimmer that apricots do not attach.
(4) check the cooking: a little jam on a cold plate watercolor must fall asleep quickly. Then remove the Pan from heat, remove the muslin. Skim the apricot jam and mix one last time.
((5) immediately put in pots) using the funnel and a ladle, add three or four kernels of apricots in each jar, cover and sterilize.


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