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The delicious Royal Nectarine jam recipe.

1.250 kg of yellow nectarines, 1 kg denauyautes
800g sugar


(1) wash and drain the nectarines, wipe them thoroughly using a clean Lorchon.
Cut – the in half, pit them, then cut each fruit in four rnoitie.
(2) pour the sugar clans quan a terrine, cover it with a quarter of the Nectarine, and continue to spread the sugar and the nectarines in successive layers until what he did y garlic more. Let macerate at room temperature for 12 hours across:
sugar must be so completely dissolved. If this were not the case, let macerate the mixture longer.
(3) pour the nectarines and sugar melted in a basin at jams, bring to boil and cook over high heat for 15 minutes, making sure to stir frequently and carefully with a slotted spoon so that the Nectarine do not attach to the bottom of the basin.
(4) Venfiez cooking: a little jam on a cold plate must be figer quickly. Then remove the Pan from heat and carefully skim the Nectarine jam, then mix it again one last time.
5) put in pots using the funnel and a ladle, cover and sterilize.


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