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The Royal Strawberry Jam recipe. It is with some garriguettes.

-1.1 kg Strawberry garriguettes
800g sugar

-clean towel
-small knife
-measuring cup
-Bowl jam
-thermometer confectioner
-large bowl
-sieve (or colander lined with a fine cloth)
-small ladle


(1) wash and drain strawberries, then dry them and remove the green part (keep them whole).
(2) pour the sugar and 40 ml of water in a Bowl a jams, wear a boil. Allow to cook until l4O ° C (at the broken grand). Dip the strawberries into cooked sugar, remove from heat and mix with a slotted spoon, then let soak 30 minutes.
(3) pour all into a large bowl through a sieve, and then pour sugar syrup back into the basin a jams, previously cleaned. Replace the pan over high heat, wear a boil and let simmer for 2-3 minutes.
(4) then Add strawberries, turn off the heat and mix carefully a using the skimmer, then let macerate for 30 minutes. Pour into the bowl through a sieve, then pour sugar syrup back into the basin a jams, and let simmer for 2-3 minutes.
(5) repeat two more times.
(6) check the temperature of the sugar syrup (105 ° C) before adding the strawberries for the last time. If necessary, let it cook a little longer. Remove the bowl and Add strawberries, skim jam, and gently mix it one last time.
7) put in pots using lentonnoir and ladle, cover and sterilize.


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