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Blends various sugar and fruit, flowers and spices, herbs or roots, doors by cooking has a degree of concentration that ensures the natural preservation and in addition a pleasant taste, jams remain a field of traditions, where the virtuosity and poetry of the craftsman or the housekeeper are expressed freely. Simple in appearance, they hide many variations, that the Tanrade home ferret has classified as follows:
1. The classics
2. Past
3. The Royal

The classics
Simple and quick to make, classic jams are generally characterized by a direct cooking fruit and sugar over high heat. If this method succeeds especially with rich in water, such as citrus, fruit on the other hand, it does not allow an optimal result (taste, colour, etc.) for other fruits, such as strawberries or apples. Often, the latter do not have the time to make enough juice to dissolve any sugar before boiling, time or the dissolution of the ingredients stops and or the concentration starts. To avoid this inconvenience, there is a tendency mix the fruit in the bowl. Result, it damages them!
We therefore advise you to stop cooking for a few minutes, the time
that sugar has melted completely. Most importantly, before you begin to Cook, add a little water and mix carefully.

Another classic method, the fruits are immersed in a syrup of sugar cooked between
114 ° C and 140 ° C. Most fruits are waterlogged, the temperature of the syrup
must be high. Thus, the subtler fruits, the most fragile, are "poached": they are captured quickly. It preserves their pieces, and especially their aroma.

Past jams are distinguished by the fact that the fruits are mixed mashed before cooking. These fruit puree then Cook very quickly. Easy to run, very tasty and homogeneous (without pieces) past make the Rapture of toddlers and older. They are incorporated easily into a dessert for scenting, for example in a yogurt.

The Royal
The Royal are the pinnacle of the ferret-Tanrade jams. This mode of production
inspired by maceration that is most often used for marmalades. Here, point of cooked sugar syrup, fruit water dissolves slowly all sugar during maceration. Due to a reduced cooking time, Royal jams preserve the pieces of fruit. This method allows you to control the texture of the fruit, and gives beautiful jams containing pieces taken in a slightly gelled juice, a beautiful color, clear and transparent, and a sustained perfume.

Subtle blend of sugar and the juice of the fruits obtained by pressure, filtration or cooking, jelly must be transparent and coloured, and have a sustained perfume. The choice of fruit is essential. To get a consistent jelly, fruit should be ripe and rich in pectin.

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